Robot Hands In Production

Khóa học trang bị cho học sinh một số kiến thức về kỹ thuật robot – cánh tay robot và ứng dụng của cánh tay robot trong thực tế sản xuất. Học sinh được trải nghiệm thực tế thông qua việc lập trình và điều khiển một quy trình mô phỏng có sử dụng cánh tay robot.

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Purpose and Objectives:

This course provides students some basic knowledge of robot technology – robot arm and the realistic application. Students can also do the experiments by programming and controlling a simulating process that applies the robot arm in some specific actions like 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving…

  • This course provides students basic knowledge of robot technology – the robot arm and application in real production. Students can work directly with the robot by programming, controlling a process that use the robot arm.
  • Dobot Magician is the training kit of this course. This is a functional kit, easy to connect with peripheral devices for several action, such as: 3D printing, laser engraving, pick and place object, drawing,…
  • Dobot Magician applies the blockly programming, which is a friendly programming method that contains a simple user interface so that student can easy to understand and work with.
  • This course also train the students some important skills: communication, teamwork, presentation, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Particularly target: Student from 16 – 18 years old


  • Know about robot, robot arm and real applications.
  • Understand some types of mechanism power transmission that applied in real life and production.
  • Get knowledge about motors, electrical devices, relative definitions and its functions.
  • Know about the characteristics, functions and safety rules when work with laser.
  • Understand the role of coordinates in programming and automation control.


  • Programming for robot arm movement by Teaching and Playback function on Dobot Magician software.
  • Determine and create the coordinate for robot arm operating.
  • Linking the movement of robot arm and other devices.
  • Do the 3D design via Solidworks.
  • Set up and operate functions like laser engraving.
  • Set up an automation process that apply robot arm for a specific function.
  • Do the presentation to present about working process, function that created during projects.

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 10 weeks

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